Find out why I like En Vogue more than the others!

Find out why I like En Vogue more than the others!

Want healthy and healthy nails? Think En Vogue !

I was asked by a customer why I liked En Vogue more than other gel brands. Here is my answer…

First, and that's a big deal, it's a Canadian company ! #buylocal

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At En Vogue , creating healthy nail products isn't just something we talk about, it's the core principle around which the brand was built. Plus, they have top quality gels that help maintain nails healthy and beautiful.

En Vogue is not just a brand of nails products, it brings together artisan producers and is one of the few true manufacturers in North America who produce their own brand. As manufacturers, they can truly guarantee their products, as they have complete production control. Even better, they use the finest organic polymers. Plus, they don't mass-produce, allowing them to apply unique chemistry with the best materials.

At En Vogue , we believe in green technologies. This is why their products are made by applying healthy organic chemistry. What does that mean? This means that their gels do not contain solvents or harmful chemicals.

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